In about 15 years, a desktop computer will be able to do everything a human can. In 25, a mobile phone.

Barring a catastrophe, these are facts. What does the future look like for humanity?

The only reason we killed all the animals is because the Earth is small. The longest flight is 9,537 miles, and that gets you pretty much anywhere. The names of all the people on the planet can fit in the RAM of a tinybox. Pictures of the earth at one pixel per square inch could fit in comma’s compute cluster. The Earth is small.

I spoke with Tom Mueller last weekend and he talked about a moon base in such pragmatic terms. Putting it on the poles which are chock full of water. I felt for the first time in a while that these things were possible. (btw Project Hail Mary is quite an enjoyable read)

Space is big and expanding. The metaverse is big and expanding.

Humanity does not have a common destiny!

Only communists think it does. The people in the “diversity” department. The one world government UBIers. The effective altruists who are so effective that they are in the moral right to steal your money since they can spend it better than you can.

Good thing everyone knows communists are losers and poor.

We have gotten scammed for the last 50 years. Everyone is starting to figure it out though.

That blue line will not stay flat. Moore’s law isn’t over, Intel is. Energy usage growth isn’t over, USG is.

So you, dear human in 2023. What will your life look like? Should you fear the machines? Do you fear change? Do you fear death? Do you fear obsolescence? Do you fear dying too soon? Do you fear living forever? Do you fear not making a difference? Do you fear shame? Do you fear dying alone? Do you fear living alone?

Humanity is crazy diverse. The scariest plots are the ones that are reducing that diversity, the “singularity” in culture instead of economic growth. There never was or will be a singularity in economic growth.

The future will really be yours to choose. I know it’s a lot for you, but that’s humanity’s story arc of self-actualization. Meeting your needs never will get easier, your loss function won’t allow it.

  • Those seeking an honest struggle against nature will find it.

  • Those seeking to play fancy games will find them.

  • Those seeking to be wireheaded will find that.

You are free from your programming. The universe is huge and it’s ours.
And like all our tools, AI is only here to help you.
Go forth and do everything else, till the end of all ages.