tl;dr, I’d like to abolish the consumer class

Northside, dead eyes
All charades go on forever

You find these people around the internet, and they believe that by consuming, they are doing good. That they are fulfilling their role in society. They identify as consumer. It’s not entirely their fault, companies train them to act this way.

This is not an argument against consumption, this is an argument against consumption as a moral good to take pride in. And shame for companies who try to position their product like that.

There used to be a great subreddit r/consumeproduct that would mock these people, but of course, since putting an ad for a Lord of the Rings lego set next to a post mocking adults showing off their Lord of the Rings lego set wasn’t a good look for reddit, it had to go. It was “promoting hate”

It was reborn on a more right wing reddit alternative, but nothing on these alternative platforms is ever nuanced, and it gets covered in whatever the current conservative 2 minutes hate is. Is the culture of mocking consooomers dead?

If I were a real blogger, I’d probably put time into figuring out where their people come from. What jobs they have. When this class identity began to form.

I think it was Adorno who wrote on this. The Pepsi Generation of 1963. This is the real identity politics. Which soda brand you identify with. Which political party you identify with. Capeshit or wandshit.

This needs to be stopped. How many advertising executives would we have to hang before it does? It’s so disgusting; I wish I could express better the sickening feeling I have. Ads make me want to vomit. Retching. I have to look away. It’s gotten so bad. WHO CAN WATCH THIS SHIT AND BE LIKE OH I IDENTIFY AS A PEPSI GENERATION MOTHERFUCKER

And then there’s the entitlement. Pepsi can’t be out of stock. They can’t change their taste. What you do mean you don’t have Pepsi I AM ENTITLED TO PEPSI I AM THE PEPSI GENERATION.

These people are trained to act this way. And then, as a company, you have a choice. Do you cater to this? Perpetuate the infantilization of the consumer. This is what the people have been told to want. They want it. Do you deny them?

It’s like a tiger in a zoo. If you put an antelope in their cage, they wouldn’t hunt it. Perhaps if they began to starve. But they’d be mad. They eat buckets of chum. You all think zoo tiger is oppressed, but wild tiger would be so happy to find buckets of chum. Zoo tiger is not happy to find antelope. I tried to bite it and it…ran away!

How do you fix the zoo tiger? If the tiger believes the zookeeper is just being cruel and withholding chum, it will be very upset. Perhaps even a hunger strike before chasing the antelope. But if the zookeeper is gone, it’s nobody’s fault. No one is out there to save us, and the antelope exhibit does look rather tasty.

How do we remove our zookeeper? I just read Anatomy of the State and they identify the problem quite clearly. The state doesn’t just mean government. Read it, it’s short.

Advertising should be illegal. To the gallows with the zookeepers. No more chum. Chase antelope or die.