Regardless of your opinion on Trump, it became obvious in those years that there’s a machine behind the scenes in our government. I’ve heard this referred to as “the deep state”, though I don’t mean to suggest shadowy figures in a secret cellar. I just mean the people who are actually wielding power, that perhaps are not the “politicians” who you see on the TV. You might even know some of their names, but you likely don’t think of them as having power.

Hopefully everyone understands now the actual power structure isn’t what the regime claims it to be. This is no surprise, for one example, the concept of lobbyists and the power of corporations to influence the government is well established in the public consciousness.

Which begs the question, is there documentation on how the regime operates anywhere? How is it that the government, corporations, education, NGOs, intelligence agencies, and media all act in lockstep? This is the key question of neoreaction.

I believe the simple answer is that they are all the same people, the well documented “revolving door”. I have seen glimpses of the society these people inhabit, practically totally separate from my lived reality. This is the oligarchy of “the free world” and we are all subjects.

At some point in history, we stopped being citizens of a free society and became something for the ruling class to manage. As much as there is consent, it is manufactured. You work to make money, they print the money.

And it’s not like it’s hard, these people have a complete monopoly on power. There’s no coherent opposition, they have captured every relevant organization. While Russia and China may present some, they mostly operate in “different markets”

I’m aware that I sound more and more like a conspiracy theorist. But I don’t think I’m proposing anything radical, just a way of thinking about it that actually makes more sense than the official line.

I don’t want to go into any specifics here, because if you are going to start doing that, you better make 100% sure you are right. Speaking truth to power requires iron clad truth.

And that brings me to the existing “fourth estate”, the journalism industrial complex. They are on the other side of the power line from you. While they don’t present as “official government propaganda outlet”, they are fully captured by the regime and function completely in that regard.

Imagine a fourth estate that wasn’t captured. An organization capable of documenting the regime. Not a “news outlet”, but a research machine that distills the structure of power into something people can read and understand.

The regime keeps power by lying about its identity. I don’t believe if it was honest about itself it would continue to exist. Can we be honest about it for it?

I’m not sure I have this fight in me. It’s super depressing when you start to learn the truth about these structures. Having run comma on and off for the last 5 years, I’ve seen how corporations function. Even worse, you feel the pressures to become like them.

But the world has nothing I want, and that’s the difference. I don’t want money, I don’t want love, I don’t want respect, and I don’t want the pathetic thing that passes for power today. I want to live forever. I want fully immersive VR tech. I want to meet superhuman intelligences. I want to go to Mars (but only when they have 5 star hotels).

And these things will never come to pass in this sad society. So you realize that if you want these things, we need a revolution. And it’s not like we can storm the Bastille, there is no Bastille. This is the most insidious evil power structure, because it’s nowhere you can point to, and spends a lot of its energy lying about its structure.

If someone has the fight in them, I think a great step would be to start documenting the power structure. Build a GitHub repo of all the laws. Discover who wrote which part of each bill. Track the financial relationships and flow of money. Build a Wikipedia to document our oligarchs. Reverse engineer their schedules. Trace their lineage. Document the behaviors in real time, do not let the regime continue to hide.

But most importantly, do not lie! Do not editorialize. Do not push an agenda. Do not tolerate unbacked theories. Do not theorize at all. Do not use provocative language. Do not think this will gain you power or prestige. Do not even oppose the regime. Just collate, summarize, and explain.

And do not rush into this alone. I don’t think this can be a side gig. It has to be a full time job of perhaps 10 very talented people for 3 years. Finding funding will be easy if you have the skills and are ready to commit to this. And work out some aligned way to be profitable so you can continue existing.

I believe this regime is cold and evil, and it will wither in the warm light of truth. Who has the fight in them to bring that truth?