Someone from the New York Times reached out to me today and asked for background on Tesla Autopilot. Thinking back to the Slate Star Codex debacle I immediately told them no.

I do not respect the New York Times. They have no status or power to convey to me.

There was a time I respected them and would have been excited to be in their paper. Between 2012 and 2017 this shifted.

There was a time I feared them. But when I realized everyone who I respect also doesn’t respect them, this changed. We all know we all know the emperor has no clothes.

I’m happy to see the energy in Crypto. There’s a future for real entrepreneurship free from the fake VC San Francisco storybook.

I’m happy when I find stories like this expounding a nuanced future.

I’m happy when I see The White Lotus eviscerating woke cynicism.

I’m even happy with several of the reddit spin offs I won’t link here. The censorship has gotten to the point “normal” people are leaving, not just witches. A diverse Internet is a good Internet.

I want a government I’d be proud to work under, because they radiate competence. I want a newspaper I’d be proud to talk to, because they speak truth. I want to live in a society that aspires to greatness.

The smartest people are thinking and moving us forward. You won’t find them on any Prominent Newspaper List. And it might take 20 years, but I see the pieces coming together. I will follow the regime that delivers a satisfying rebuttal to the Unabomber Manifesto.

I still believe in the Internet. May the Good and the True conquer all.