Oh the dream. We all travel. Vacation forever. Live life as digital nomads. See beautiful things, eat amazing food, journey to distant lands…

But we can’t. Somebody has to build the things. Somebody has to cook the food. And I don’t think you imagine these distant lands like camping without any supplies.

It’s making less and less rational sense to stay in one place and create things when money is basically free. And it’s a tragedy of the commons, as more and more people spend more and more of their time consuming, there’s less and less to consume.

I heard once that consumption vs creation was the distinction between childhood and adulthood. I remember the look of the site that said it, though I can’t quite find it now. It was one of those old internet sites, where you can tell how “true” the content is because you can tell there’s no marketing budget behind it, and therefore no agenda they are trying to push. In the absence of agendas, truth is the default.

We have entire cities full of these consuming parasites. Advertising creates nothing. Finance creates nothing. Yet people get rich on those things. Where does the money come from?

Creation is fading. When it’s all scams and middle men, the money is worthless.