I listened to this song last night.

Staring like a stranger from the dirt field
Across from my, my childhood home
Noticed how out of place I looked there
It’s a place I can’t afford

Imagine cheating at a board game. Say sneaking $500s from the box in monopoly. Eventually it’s just sad when you win, your friends won’t want to play anymore, and they’ll flip the board over.

Capitalism is so rigged it isn’t fun anymore. I wish you short sighted fucks in the PMC could actually do something about it. But nah, continue to let the hedge funds buy all the houses, and continue to make building new houses hard. (supply and demand bro gotta pump housecoin) Continue to let huge ad companies (stop calling them tech companies) rent seek and nickel and dime you on everything, and hire psychologists to further bypass your conscious thought. Continue to give massive loans out in exchange for a worthless education, and watch people beg for a government sponsored “education” because they don’t know better.

I’m going to be so sad when they flip the board over. Because I like capitalism. I like fancy new products, I like beautiful shopping malls, I like luxury apartments. I love America.

I’m smart, so this scamming and cheating mostly doesn’t affect me. I can see the scams and avoid them. But when those who didn’t avoid the scams come and flip the board over, it will affect me. And it will be the current piece of shit elites to blame.

Three policy proposals:

  • A 500% tax on advertising. It’s a zero sum game with no benefit to society. If you are paying for eyeballs, you pay a 500% tax. Force companies with these trash addictive business models to find a way to work for the average person, not pimp them out.
  • 1% tax on the full amount of every trade. Fuck off worthless HFT mega brain drain. Fuck off short termism in markets.
  • Separation of church and state. And that includes Harvard, Yale, and all the others. No funding, no loans, no Title IX BS. Separate!

But I write these, and tbh it doesn’t give me much hope even if it all was law. I see the crypto scams, I see the SPAC scams. It’s a cultural problem.

I don’t think they see themselves as scammers, I think they actually think quite highly of themselves. I think they live in bubbles where everyone pats them on the back for getting on board with the latest bullshit. Because the back patters are all mired in the same bullshit. “Perception is reality” or some hogwash like that.

The only real solution is shame.