I wrote a rap song in 2020 and thought I’d explain the lyrics here. After watching 2020 happen, the current group in charge should never be in charge of anything ever again.

made a pickaxe for strip mining
demonstrations of sick timing
penetration is all online
a virtual dick slide in
and it hurts to be misbridled
mares and colts that never break
I just came to fuck a bitch
and skip over the dinner date

I was not socialized by society. I did not graduate college, I did not do well in school. I am not a part of the existing power structure, and I don’t have to play by their rules. I am upset at how shitty the current structures are.

bigger plates and insatiable appetites
I’ve heard the come down is hard
it keeps me up at night
goodbye to your small town jobs
stomped out by computerized mobs
did you put up a fight?

The current structures are not sustainable. You can’t make fake money and you can’t atomize and dehumanize people to better sell them landfill junk. When it crashes in a huge recession and crisis of meaning, like a come down from a drug, it’s going to suck.

magnesium packed
prerolls in the back
when the light comes
tell me who’s holding the bag
I see it it’s sad
rage screaming at pads
big teams of them mind melters
grew up just like their dads

We put a lot of effort into avoiding the crash, but little into questioning the system in the first place. When the truth is revealed, someone will be left holding the bag, a reference to bag holders in shitcoin pump and dumps, and a reference to the guy in the car who happened to have the drugs in his backpack so he catches the case. For most of the people enforcing the status quo, it’s not really their fault, they were just raised and socialized this way.

another thing to move past
whiplash from a ringtone
toe tags and ankle monitors
in woods with harmonicas
in good with the phonics
a big bash for the new god
they claim to be so tolerant
disagree and they’re all frauds

One day, this will all just be a chapter in history, but for us it feels very real and shitty. Yet we can still see, express, and celebrate the truth, as long as we are subtle and clever about it. I do not believe the current elite are actually very tolerant, despite their many proclaimations to the opposite.

bowl packed and passed to the ratchet Socrates
hacked to bits, on the altar of mediocrity
phony lumberjacks take a hatchet to meritocracy
flava flav clock on my neck
take a walk with me

Socrates was a dirty hippie who was killed by a bunch of losers. Today, that sentiment lives on whenever people with no skills of their own attack concepts like “meritocracy”. But their time is nearing its end.

Midas was a little wrong
everything we touch turns to Silicon
all optics are gone in the octagon
all drop kicks and no politics
all hot shit and no hot takes
don’t pray just eat pancakes
be so far gone when the dam breaks

The computers are coming, and nature will not stand for any of this bullshit! Like in an MMA match, your words and politicking mean nothing compared to who can actually fight. But the current elites are cowards, and they will not attempt to make anything better, they will just flee before shit really hits the fan.

car alarmed and jailbreak an immobilizer
hail satan and hold your sides in
a roller coaster with broke lights
a hope driven by poltergeists
the olds own all these shit rides
and trade all on a future where
…nobody who’s sick dies
…nobody will get fired
…nobody will doubt lies
oh I think it’s about time

We live in a decrepit amusement park, and the efforts made to prop it up are increasing more hollow. Yet you are still expected to “buy the ticket, take the ride” for a fake system that deserves zero respect. I’m not buying the fucking ticket.

it’s rotting from the substructure
clotting deep in the constructs
it’s burrowing and hiding and bribing people
with Schrute bucks
but people keep on riding to an Oompa Loompa future
when you think the ride is over
it gets stupider

They printed 7 trillion fake dollars to try to bribe people into keeping to support their fake system! And people actually are falling for it! Never underestimate the depths of the stupidity this will reach before it’s over.

and they’re hiding horcruxes
in all the starbuckses
watching you dumb ducks as you fight about
which old fuck amongst them you think that should rule you
argue that we all should pay them to school you

Your vote matters people (sarcasm)! You can vote for the 74 year old guy or the 77 year old guy. And stupid people are just asking for more indoctrination, free isn’t good! They own everything, if they are giving it to you by their good graces you are their bitch.

hello from the classroom
duck duck apple strudel
they came for your culture
they came for your meme
and you all bought in so there’s no one to scream

Education is simply indoctrination by another name. On a mass scale. And way too many people fall for it. Though there’s hope, I hear the zoomers believe that “Helen Keller” is a made up person. Can’t believe I didn’t realize that.

sick Michael Vicks
like you chickens to cockfight
or stay in your room and be sucked into fortnite
but look at their strings
and show up with your scissors
and when they turn their back
stab them through the liver!
…gizzards and hearts
…mouths and eyes
to rewrite the future those people must die

Let’s just say, you didn’t see all the major corporations and politicians supporting Occupy Wall Street. Funny they support the new “grassroots” movement, can you understand why? I think the rest is self explanatory, don’t actually stab anyone though. Metaphorical stabbings work much better for causes. In reality, we should pay out their pensions in a lump sum of fake dollars and force them to retire.

I dream of a new dawn
a red sky and a blue lawn
where we know words are harmless
and we can play with open arms
or we can say that work is play
or we can say that work is gone
but I know either way our way of life will still live on

I dream of a world where we fight for power over nature instead of power over people.

from cells to monkeys
neanderthals to junkies
to propagandists to oligarchs
the Internet will stomp their hearts
get it in when the lights go dark
cinnamon and an apple tart
synonyms and linguistic tricks
livin big as a macintosh

…and while it may still take some time, I believe in the Internet to deliver that world.

the pack is stacked you got a crew to roll with
hold a calendar a patience and a brofist
for the pacing
and replacement, of complacence
with a statement, of the hatred
for the agitprop, fake dividing
real denying, fake shit

There’s lots of people who feel this way. I have seen them. I believe they will rise up when it’s time.

and arise from sordid ashes
to come answering the call
I am crying from a bunker
that the truth can save us all

..and when they do, I hope that we will be able to handle the truth about our nature.