I always thought idiots were going to kill me, but I imagined it would be through inaction instead of action. With the right alignment of the worlds resources, living forever is possible. With the current alignment of the worlds resources…

During the early COVID lockdowns, I spent about 40 hours researching the virus. At the time, I believed it was a lab escape, but not human made. I believed this for two reasons, there were two confirmed SARS lab escapes, and those bats are not native to Wuhan. I believed the bats were brought to Wuhan from southern China, then a natural virus infected a human.

I saw this on Hacker News yesterday. I missed this from April 22, 2020. Draw your own conclusions.

  • Deaths from nukes – 226,000

  • Deaths from COVID – 3,250,648

Gain of function research on coronaviruses, that’s okay. But god forbid we experiment with human cloning. Or gain of intelligence research. Someone might die.

“The minimum IQ required to destroy the world drops by one point every 18 months.”
– Eliezer Yudkowsky

“The whole planetary ecosystem is as much of an artifact, now, as … a city’s microclimate. Believe me, I wish that wasn’t the case, but it is – and now that we’ve created an artificial world, intentionally or not, we’d better learn to control it. Because if we stand back and leave it all to chance, it’s just going to collapse around us in some random fashion that isn’t likely to be any better than our worst well-intentioned mistakes.”
– Greg Egan, Permutation City